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Through cooperation with leading Czech developers of ERP systems, we are creating products that help manufacturing companies improve quality for their customers.

With the Business simulator you can achieve more and comply with any term

Sometimes you have to produce more, sometimes less. That’s how it often works in the manufacturing sector. Don’t get into trouble with the shortage of staff. Take the advantage, which is offered by the dynamic simulation. You will get insight into the changing environment of production and you will be able to predict its future development.

Quick response to increased demand is crucial today. Besides the seasonal fluctuations, also fluctuations caused by customers who confirm their orders with only little advance are common. Therefore, the manufacturing companies have to rely on agency staff to handle the work volume increase.

Moreover, when you produce for more customers, the orders lifecycle overlap and the situation easily gets confusing. How to cope with the fluctuations efficiently and keep pace with the competition?

Always only keep as many employeed as many is really needed

Management of human resources in a manufacturing company is a very demanding activity. With the Business simulator you are able to find the most suitable personal structure while maintaining or even reducing the labor costs. With guarantee of covering all customer requests.

Increase the number of employees only when it is really needed. And also save the costs realted to dismissals in weaker periods. Based on the orders’ prediction, you can set the optimal balance between the permanent employees and employees of external agencies.

We always prepare a tailored solution and respect the specifics of the client and sector of his business. With the help of dynamic simulation, you can handle more work, achieve better purchase conditions and support the company’s strategic goals. All for sustainable development and long-term competitiveness.

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