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Manufacturing companies

Through cooperation with leading Czech developers of ERP systems, we are creating products that help manufacturing companies improve quality for their customers.

Sometimes you have to produce more, sometimes less. That’s how it often works in the manufacturing sector. Don’t get into trouble with the shortage of staff. Take the advantage, which is offered by the […]


We have worked with IT companies on a partnership basis for a long time. Now the time has come to create a product, that make sense and that will make work easier and faster for people in this fast-paced area.

Today, the software development needs more than just a few smart programmers. For more complex projects, […]

Public administration

Our first project has been created for the public sector. Since then, we focus on this area as a field, where the systemic approaches can be applied improving efficiency in many different branches.

We know that public administration decisions are not simple. You have to deal with pressure only a few can imagine. You have to […]


We are involved in the health care sector for a long time. We focus on the strategy of the hospital as a whole, as well as on details of each department.

Demand for health is constantly increasing, and with that also the financial demands of health services, while resources remain limited. Do you want to cope […]